Little Dragons & Super Dragons Karate

This program is designed for children 3-6 years old. Kids 3-4 years old are classified as “Little Dragons” and 5-6 year olds are classified as “Super Dragons". This program is designed to help children learn about strangers and build confidence, discipline, and socialization skills while developing basic martial arts skills in a fun but structured atmosphere. Children will work on basics such as focusing, listening, and following directions, while incorporating colors, right and left, and numbers.

This program is designed for children 7-12 years old. It is designed to help students learn to defuse tense situations with bullies and strangers both orally and physically, as well as beginning to develop a strong base in physical fitness as they grow. Classes will be held in a friendly environment to promote confidence, socialization, and building friendships; but also in a strict environment to promote discipline, focus, and listening. 

Youth Karate

Teen & Adult Karate

The teen and adult programs are designed to help students to confidently develop self defense skills and physical fitness in a family friendly, social, yet disciplined atmosphere. The teen curriculum is slightly more fitness oriented while the adult program replaces some of the fitness training with more defense application. The teen program is for adolescents ages 13-16. Ages 17 and older are considered adults within our curriculum. 

Karate Body Fitness

Karate Body is an innovative fitness class that was developed by our head instructor, Sensei Bobby Benner. The idea behind it is that, for over two hundred years, the martial art of karate-do and its immediate predecessors have not only been considered fantastic for self defense, but when trained properly have also yielded historically monumental physical fitness benefits as well. The curriculum of this class is constructed of warm ups, stretching for flexibility and recovery, body weight strength movements, training for cardiovascular endurance, and a meditational cool down - all using moves and variants from the karate curriculum we teach every day. This class is perfect for anyone looking to try something new for fitness, someone who trains in karate and wants to further develop strength and energy for it, and for people who are interested in learning karate as a martial art, but may be hesitant about the contact karate involves or having to memorize too many steps. 


FUNdamentals is our satellite program which runs in 8 week sessions and introduces children to the basics of karate without asking too much of them. Along with learning fundamental moves and philosophy, this program incorporates games and fun drills which consist of using basic karate moves as training tools. This class is perfect for kids ages 3-12 who are either hesitant about whether or not they want to sign up for regular classes or who have too busy of a schedule to invest in karate full time, but still want to socialize and learn some fundamental karate moves.


NBB Kickbox is a program unique to Narragansett Bay Budokai. All fitness levels are welcome and every class is a little different than the last. The curriculum is designed to be suitable for everyone from competitive kickboxers to beginners looking to engage in an effective fitness program with no interest in combat. There is no mandatory sparring or contact within the program but additional gratis sparring opportunities are offered. 


Ann Salzarulo ( a native of the Berkshires, combines an intuitive connection with students and a 40-hour training in trauma sensitive yoga with The Trauma Center of Boston. She is a seasoned 200-hour - Registered and Insured Yoga Teacher RYT of the Yoga Alliance. Trained with Grace Yoga's Judy McClain in Dharma Mittra devotional yoga. The practice covers Vinyassa flow, asanas (yoga postures), pranayama (breathing disciplines), and mindfulness meditation. Ann has lived, worked, danced and practiced yoga in countless cities throughout the world including Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Dakar Senegal, Guatemala City, Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic and Managua Nicaragua. She is bilingual in Spanish and English and has extensive experience working in both US and global social service sectors with those affected by trauma. Her technical dance background is from Adelphi University, Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival, Skidmore College, and the University of Seville, Spain.​


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